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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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Who we are

ALL ROOMS is devoted to booking of different national and international artists since 2015 – whether it’s about occasional shows, festivals or complete tours. Thereby we focus on the entire European area, mentioning particularly Germany and its neighbor countries.

A straight communication with artist and management takes top priority. Our professional attitude is associated with the creation of a comfortable atmosphere, which is important for a long-term cooperation. The difference between ALL ROOMS and average agencies is our roster, containing unique and various artists from Pop, via Indie to Punkrock. Each act is convincing with impressive live performances and professional environment in the aspects of label and management.

By resolute expansion and conscientious work on a widening network, ALL ROOMS record a stable growth. ALL ROOMS signifies diversity and tolerance – not only in music! We refuse any type of exclusion or violence against minorities.

We are increasingly promoting own events, accessible for artists and interesting projects beyond our roster – especially in berlin and its surrounding regions. we are ready to provide an unforgettable show – taking care of all arrangements and paperwork, handling your perceptions. GET IN TOUCH WITH ALL ROOMS TO TALK ABOUT YOUR IDEAS!

Our Success

We booked far more than 200 shows for our artists since the foundation of ALL ROOMS booking agency in 2015. Our acts played stages in some of the most interesting venues in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, France and the UK. We established an own festival in Berlin: the ALL ROOMS Festival. Artists of our roster were hosted by top-class festivals with more than 10,000 visitors: Rebellion Festival in Blackpool (UK), Boomtown Fair Festival in Winchester (UK), Mighty Sounds in Tábor (CZ) or Ruhrpott Rodeo in Hünxe (GER) just to name a few. To be continued.