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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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14.07.2018 • 20:00

RICHIE RAMONE • Wild at Heart Berlin

Legendary Ramones Drummer blistering stages worldwide. As Joey Ramones said, “Richie saved the band as far as I’m concerned. He was the greatest thing to happen to The Ramones. He put the spirit back in the band.” And now fans can enjoy that experience firsthand. Fresh off a super successful Summer Tour 2017 (South America, UK, Scandinavia), Richie was in the studio recording a new album, and is ready to take it to the streets in 2018. He will also bring some Ramones classics, for sure!
Support: Poncho Rockerz


14,50 € / 18,00 €


Wild at Heart

Wiener Str. 20, 10999 Berlin

02.08.2018 • 20:00

RENO DIVORCE • Wild at Heart Berlin

With equal parts Orange County punk, honky tonk country, and a tip-jar full of rockabilly swagger, Reno Divorce strikes a unique chord of their own with their brand of punk rock and roll. Their well-crafted and skillfully executed songs call to mind Smithereens and Social Distortion, but a more aggressive tone lurks in-between the lines. A good hook is the bread and butter for these guys, and one listen is all it takes to realize you’ve got a band that truly stands out amongst the herd. Ten years strong and having graced some of the most legendary bars and stages around the world, they’ve played with almost all their punk heroes (ALL, Social Distortion, TSOL, Adolescents, Agent Orange, The Queers, X, The Blasters, Motorhead), and shared a tour bus with more contemporary heavy hitters like U.S. Bombs, The Bones, and Street Dogs.


11,00 € / 12,00 €


Wild at Heart

Wiener Str. 20, 10999 Berlin

27.09.2018 • 19:00

FALK LOUIS • Prachtwerk Berlin

The music of composer and songwriter Falk Louis is not meant to make people happy. It unveils what lies behind the facade of our society: Certain feelings we all experience yet rarely talk about. The young multi-instrumentalist from Berlin constructs fragile compositions that explore the subconscious mind through haunting guitar lines, sad piano patterns and a gentle voice narrating kafkaesque lyrics. To pin him down to a genre is pointless – incorporating influences from classical and electronic music to noise rock, he is an always changing, never settling artist creating his own style.


Coming soon

Coming soon


Ganghoferstr. 2, 12043 Berlin

18.10.2018 • 21:00

THE BLAND • Duncker Berlin

Weird combinations has started to define the Swedish americana band The Bland. It’s members who just finished studying medical school and teacher educations have now moved out in the countryside to put everything beside music on the shelf. Swedish media speak of the band as creators of a new Swedish dimension in music, but that their style geographically sound more from a southern America. Among others Germany’s biggest country magazine ”country.de” praised The Bland – who are now booked for another, even bigger tour in Europe with gigs in over 10 countries this autumn.


No Admission!



Dunckerstr. 64, 10439 Berlin

17.11.2018 • 20:00


Nie klang die Neue Deutsche Kelle famoser!!! Vokal-Akrobatin Lana Van da Vla surft auf holprigen Phrasen und der freche Knabe Habbiper an der Schießbude zerfährt mit Albernheiten, die unter der Motorhaube doch ein paar Kritikventile versteckt halten. Pappa Paprika und MC Gewitter haben sich wieder die elektrischen Pflüge umgeschnallt und zerfurchen tief- und trieftönend die Umwelt und das Verderben. Der Rest ist pure Aphasie der Endzeit mit Ausblick ins Paradies und es wird gerast und getanzt, dass es eine nihilistische Freude ist! 4 Tracks mit dem Charm einer Panzergarage und der Vergnüglichkeit eines Jonglageaktes im Morgentau erreichen das Ohr ohne Umwege ins Herz.

13,20 € / 15,00 €

Coming soon


Holzmarkstr. 15-18, 10179 Berlin