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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Nele Needs A Holiday

Nele Needs A Holiday

Pop from Brussels, Belgium

An extraterrestrial researcher slash reality TV star comes down to earth to explore the greatest mystery in the universe. Love Yeah, the new record by Nele Needs A Holiday, is an interplanetary and unromantic concept album about that theme of themes: Love. Alien Nele comes from Pelgium, a small planet orbiting star Trappist-1. The Pelgians don’t understand what all the fuzz is about, so they send Nele to find out what Love is. Nele keeps her home planet posted by writing short, melodic rapports, on Earth known as songs.

Nele has great zeal for her job. In other words: she falls in love constantly. This results in an album that talks about all aspects of love, even those aspects lovers would hate to admit, going from dubious romances over sickening heartbreak to that point where you just can’t stand the other part of your couple anymore. With a keen eye for detail Nele sings about how Love on Earth works. Her lyrics are spot-on: it’s funny cause it’s true. Nele Needs A Holiday says it like it is, and is not afraid of putting herself in a rather unflattering perspective doing so.

On stage, Nele is accompanied by six hyper talented women directly imported from the dark side of the moon, a ballroom dress space suit, and a whole galaxy of all possible emotions. Concerts are streamed live to every corner of the cosmos. Many an alien is having a great laugh.

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